How to open a liquor shop in India ?- legal requirements?

How to open a liquor shop in India?- legal requirements?
How to open a liquor shop in India?- legal requirements?

How to open a liquor shop in India ?

How to open a liquor shop in India ? It is explicitly known that a Liquor Shop is the most commercially successful business in India. But everyone can not own a Liquor shop. In this post, you will get to know everything about opening a Liquor Shop!!

What is a Liquor License?

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What is a Liquor License?

It is legal permission given by the state excise department to those who are willing to expand the boundaries of their business by the distribution of alcohol and alcoholic beverages and drinks at a particular place.

Every state has its own rules and regulations that you must abide by to get a Liquor License.

Types of Liquor License:

There are 4 types of Liquor Licenses.

1. Beer and wine Liquor License

2. Restaurant Liquor License

3. Tavern Liquor License

4. Brew Pub Liquor License

Businesses who can apply for liquor License:

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And other entities.

The ambit of Liquor License Covers:

Businesses engaged in selling alcohol

When and where alcohol can be sold

Quantity of liquor sold

The container used to sell alcohol

Types of alcohol sold

Cost of alcohol sold

To whom alcohol can be sold

Information related to distribution and manufacture of alcohol.

Documents Required:

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Identity proof of the applicant

Address proof

Address proof of the premises used

NOC from the fire Department

NOC from the Corporation

Application with business details

List of Directors, if the application is of the company, with MOA and AOA

Copy of latest Income Tax Return.

Photograph of the authorized person

Affidavit stating that the applicant has no criminal background

Affidavit stating that the applicant is not a levanter when it comes to payment of dues.

Validity Of Liquor License:

It is valid for 1 year, after that you need to apply for the renewal procedure of the Liquor License.

Revoking of License:

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The state excise authority has the power to revoke or suspend your license because of the following reasons:

If selling alcohol on a dry day.

If you are not following the law.

If you are distributing the alcohol to minors.

Guidelines by the State Excise Department:

Every brand must follow Brand Guidelines - Reputation Today

Purchase Liquor from an approved shop.

Any individual who is not an Income Tax Payer can’t get the Liquor License

Alcohol purchased from a Military Canteen is implied distinctly for the Military Personnel.

Any individual beneath the age of 21 isn’t qualified to buy Liquor

Do not purchase Liquor unlawfully.

Try not to serve liquor on any unapproved premises

The license holder must show the cost of each brand of Liquor served in the

Alcohol Shop.

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