Rights and Responsibilities at a Petrol Pump

Rights and Responsibilities at a Petrol Pump
Rights and Responsibilities at a Petrol Pump

In this post, I am going to share with you the basic rights and responsibilities of a petrol pump that every people must know about in India. There are about 60 thousand petrol pumps in India and each and everyone must have visited the petrol pump once in their lifetime but do you know your rights to a petrol pump? Let’s check out Rights and Responsibilities at a Petrol Pump.

Rights at the Petrol Pump

♦ You have the right to test the quality of petrol and diesel.


You can ask the manager or the worker at the petrol pump for a filter paper test to test the quality of the petrol or diesel.

♦ You have the right to check whether you are getting the right quantity of petrol or not.

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Every petrol pump must keep a 5-liter conical measuring jar to measure the quantity of petrol.

♦ You have the right to ask for the cash memo for your petrol or diesel purchase.

What is a Cash Memo? - AccountingCapital

♦You have the right to know about the density of the petrol or diesel you are buying.

Petrol prices in Mumbai could touch the Rs 90 mark - Autocar India
source- www.autocarindia.com

♦ You have the right to avail some free services at petrol pump.

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Free services Available at Petrol pump

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  • A petrol pump must provide free air for your vehicle.
  • petrol pump must provide a first aid box. The first aid box must content basic life-saving medicines with bandages. every medicine must have an expiry date.
  • petrol pump must provide free pure drinking water.
  • Petrol pump must provide free calling service at the petrol pump.
  • Petrol pumps must provide a free clean washroom facility.
  • The petrol pump must have a complaint box in the petrol pump premises.
  • Petrol pump must display the prices of petrol and sisel in clear big signs.
  • Petrol pump must Install fire safety devices on its premises.
  • Petrol pump must provide a bill for your petrol purchase.

Responsibilities at petrol pump

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  1. Always shut down your vehicle engine when petrol or diesel is being filled.
  2. Never use cigarettes on the premises of petrol pump.
  3. It’s very dangerous to take petrol or diesel in a plastic bottle or cans.

So these were some of the Rights and Responsibilities at a Petrol Pump. So next time when you visit petrol pump checks whether your petrol pump is providing you with all the services and also please take care of the responsibilities at a petrol pump. If you are denied any of your rights or services you can complain in the Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)

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