Laws regarding Fancy number plate in India

Laws regarding Fancy number plate in India

Laws regarding Fancy number plate in India. It is very common practice in India to modify their vehicles but people often modify their number plates as well and install fancy number plates. But is it legal? Let’s see the Laws regarding the Fancy number plates in India.

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According to the motor vehicle act 1989, it is illegal to use fancy number plates in India.

Every state is taking strict measures against people using fancy number plates and strict fines are also imposed on people using fancy number plates.

Before when we purchased a new vehicle we could get our number plate in any shop after getting the registration number from RTO. But after 1St April 2019, there have been new changes regarding this.

From 1st April 2019 when we apply for the registration of our new vehicle, we get an HSRP (High-Security Registration Plate) from RTO which we just have to install in our vehicle.

Case to be registered on losing high security number plate of vehicles | high  security number plate| Union Transport Ministry

This measure has been taken because it’s very difficult to read the registration number from the fancy number plates and when there is an accident or crime done by the vehicle it’s very difficult to read the registration number.

These are some common laws regarding number plates.

Private or personal vehicles must have a white background on the number plate and the letters must be black in color.

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Commercial vehicles must have a yellow background on the number plate and the letter should be black in color.

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The letter used in the number plate must be English and the figure must be aerobic numerals.

There is also a law regarding the size of number plates in India.

For two and Three Wheelers200×100 mm
Light motor vehicles/ passenger cars340x 200 mm or 500×120 mm
Medium /heavy commercial vehicle340×200 mm

As a responsible citizen, you should not use fancy number plates, and also it is illegal to use them there are heavy fines imposed by the RTO in every state. Fines can be imposed from ₹2000-₹5000. Please follow all the rules and regulations and drive safely.

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