5 things not to do when stopped by Police.

5 things not to do when stopped by Police.

stopped by Police. If you drive a vehicle regularly, you must have encountered traffic police at least once in your life. We start to panic when the officer asks us to pull over. The reason behind this panic is that we don’t know our rights. If you know beforehand what are your rights and what can a traffic policeman can do, You can be prepared and be stress-free.

People usually make so many mistakes because they have no idea what their right are. In this article, we are going to discuss 7 things you should not do when stopped by police.

  1. Do not Run:– This is the first and most important point. Do not try to run from the police, you can get into serious trouble for a stunt like that. I cannot emphasize this point enough. Checkpoints are usually set up for a purpose. The police may have gotten a tip that a serial chain-snatcher will be heading that way on a bike. If you try to run, you will become their primary suspect. And in these cases, they usually anticipate this and place another checkpoint 100 meters down the road so that you cannot escape. They are even ready on bikes to chase you down. Also running from them and overspeeding will give them another cause to penalise and even arrest you for putting other’s lives in the harm’s way. So, the advice is, never do that.
  2. Do not speak until spoken to:– Do not speak to the police officers unless they ask you something. Pullover your vehicle to the side of the road and sit tightly until a police officer approaches you. Do not shout at the police officer from a distance. This may piss off the officer which is definitely not good for you.
  3. Do not admit anything:- This is one of the most important things. Do not admit to any of the violation you might have committed. The police can use this against you and impose a big fat fine. Always remember, you have a right to being silent. There is a difference between being cooperative and admitting guilt. Do not ever admit guilt.
  4. Do not handover all your documents:- If the police officer stops you for regular checking, so not handover all the documents without him asking. You are legally required to handover your license only. All the other documents like registration, insurance should only be handed over if the officer asks for it. Do not give the documents beforehand in order to appear cooperative. Your insurance may be expired or your NOC may not be valid anymore, you never know. So do not handover documents.
  5. Do not argue:- This is the stupidest mistake that people make. Do not argue with the officer no matter what. Nothing pisses off a police officer more than someone arguing with him. If you are being polite with him, he may even let you get away with just a warning. But if you argue and try to establish your authority, he may even find something somewhere and cut you a big fine for it. So, do not argue with an officer.

You should never do these 5 things when stopped by the Police. Always remember, if you follow the law, there is nothing a police officer can do to you. Stay smart and stay aware.

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