What are 5 things that a traffic police officer cannot do?

What are 5 things that a traffic police officer cannot do?
What are 5 things that a traffic police officer cannot do?

If you are a regular commuter, you must have encountered traffic police. Traffic police have a right to stop you and ask for your driving license. He can even search your vehicle if there is reasonable cause. But there is a limit to a Police officer’s power, and in this article, we are going to discuss what a traffic police officer cannot do:-

  1. Cannot force you out of Vehicle:– If you do not want to get out of a vehicle, a police officer cannot force you out of it.
  2. Cannot take your key away:- A traffic officer cannot take away the key of your vehicle, and neither is he legally allowed to turn off the ignition of the vehicle.
  3. Cannot tow the vehicle when somebody is inside:- A car cannot be towed away if a person is present inside the vehicle. He can jam the wheel from moving but cannot tow it.
  4. Cannot stop you from recording:- This is a common doubt which most people have. Yes, you are allowed to record the officer as long as he is on duty. He cannot stop you from recording the whole interaction.
  5. Cannot force you to pay a fine on the spot:- A traffic officer cannot force you to pay the fine on the spot. You can always pay the fine afterward in court. But in some cases, if the violation is grave, your driving license can be confiscated till you pay the fine.

These are some of the things which a traffic officer cannot do. Always be aware of your rights as a citizen and if a police officer does anything of the things mentioned above. You have a legal right to escalate the matter to his seniors or even file a formal complaint against that officer in a police station.