Why can Trump not sue Twitter for banning him ?

Why can Trump not sue Twitter for banning him?

Why can Trump not sue Twitter for banning him ? Donald Trump has been banned permanently from Twitter for instigating the Capitol Hill riots which took place during his presidency. His account was permanently suspended when he was in power. All the other social media like Facebook, Youtube followed in the steps of Twitter and banned Trump for violating their company’s policies.

Can Trump sue Twitter for banning him?

The answer is no, he cannot. All the giant companies have immunities from such liabilities. The law clearly says that social media companies are responsible for all the posts a person does on that platform and can take down content and users at its discretion.

But in the end, it is all up to the court. If the court decides that the ban violates the fundamental right of freedom to the speech of Trump, the court can give an order to restore his account. But that is highly unlikely.

All the fundamental rights provided to a man are guaranteed by the state, but it is also given in the constitution that a man cannot use other person’s property to exercise their rights. And as Twitter is a private entity and thus someone else’s property, Trump cannot sue them for violating his fundamental rights.

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