Why is Trump a better US president for India than Biden?

Why is Trump a better US president for India than Biden
Why is Trump a better US president for India than Biden

Why is Trump a better US president for India than Biden?

Why is Trump a better US president for India than Biden: The US presidential elections are less than a month away. As US follows 2 party system, they have 2 US presidential candidates, they are: –

  • Donald Trump from the Republican Party.
  • Joe Biden from the Democrat party.

It is an important event for India as US is the most powerful country in the world and when push comes to shove, you would always want a strong ally by your side. So, which US president candidate would be better for India and US relations? I believe it’s Donald Trump.

It is true that Donald Trump is one of the most controversial US presidents of all time. Some of his statements stirs up controversies which becomes a hurdle in maintaining a good relation with the US. Despite his unreliable personality, his policies can benefit India a lot in the long term.

We all know the Anti-China stand that Donald Trump has. And contrary to what majority believes, it has not happened after the coronavirus. Trump’s hatred for China dates further back. Visible signs of Trump’s anti-China approach surfaced when he raised tariffs on import of Aluminium and Steel from China in March 2018, and thus started the historic US-China trade war.

Now, what is a trade war?

A trade war is when a nation imposes tariffs and quotas on imports and foreign countries retaliate with similar forms of trade protectionism. As it escalates, it reduces the international trade between countries.

Why does trade war start?

Trade wars start when a nation wants to protect its domestic industry and create domestic jobs. In the case of US and China, US was importing goods worth 600 billion dollars more from China than it was exporting to it and thus creating a trade deficit.

How does India come to play here?

Why is Trump a better US president for India than Biden?
source- Usa today

India could be a major winner in the ongoing trade war. As US is restricting its imports from China, it will have to buy it from somewhere else and India is a huge market with a population of 1.3 billion people. US could open its market for Indian goods and services. Even if we go by stats, India’s export to the US grew by 9.46% to $52.4 billion. Its not been even a year and India could already feel the positive effects of the trade war.

This was pre-covid. After coronavirus destroyed everyone’s plan for 2020, it also showed the real face of China to the world. The handling of coronavirus by China sent a bold message to the world that China can go to any limit to hide its mistake. President Trump has been very critical about China the hiding real number of deaths by Coronavirus in its country. He has openly said that it’s a Chinese virus which is creating a havoc in the world and there will be hard consequences for China if it is found guilty. Even the American companies are very critical of China and have started moving their businesses outside China.

If the trade war stretches long enough, India could be a major benefactor.

What is Joe Biden’s stand on China?

Joe Biden has interests in China. When he was the Vice President, he took his son Hunter Biden to Beijing in 2013 and days later he became a partner in a new bank of China-backed investment company that raised more than $1.5 billion. Even China is rooting for Joe Biden to win 2020 presidential elections as they know he will bring the trade war to an end. Joe Biden is known for his soft side towards Chinese folks.

How is it bad for India?

Everyone is aware of China’s expansionist policies against India and how it claims its authority over parts of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. If Joe Biden becomes president, it would become more difficult for India to handle China on the border as there will no pressure from the US as it is now.

Why not Joe Biden for US President?

Biden has been quite critical about the internal policies of Indian regarding CAA, NRC and abrogation of Article 370. He is very critical of India’s recent actions taken for Kashmir. It’s not about whether these policies are good or bad for India, it’s about whether a US president should interfere in the internal matters of India. He also has a very soft spot for Pakistan and is not very vocal against the cross-border terrorism unlike President Trump who is very critical of Islamic terrorism and cross-border terrorism. President Trump is also quite neutral regarding India’s internal policies and has not commented critically on it.

Why did I decided to write this?

I decided to write this because if you google which US presidential candidate is better for India, you will find articles on it by the left leaning news channels like The Print, Hindustan Times and The Hindu. They all have written that how our PM Narendra Modi and Joe Biden have a similar approach to climate change policies. They are trying to fool people into believing that Biden will actually be better for India when the ground reality is totally different.

I believe, it will be better for India if Donald Trump wins the US presidential elections.

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