How can i check ipo allotment status?

Investing in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) is a popular way for individuals in India to participate in the growth of a company as it goes public. Once the IPO application process is complete, investors eagerly await the IPO allotment status to find out if they have been allotted shares. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to check IPO allotment status in India, ensuring a seamless and transparent process.

Visit the Official Website of the Registrar:

In India, most companies appoint a Registrar to handle the IPO allotment process. The first step is to visit the official website of the Registrar of the IPO in which you have applied for shares. The website will usually have a dedicated section for IPO allotment status.

Select the IPO:

Upon reaching the IPO allotment status page, you will find a list of recent IPOs. Choose the specific IPO in which you have applied for shares. Click on the link for that particular IPO to proceed to the next step.

Enter Application Details:

After selecting the IPO, you will be prompted to enter your application details. These details typically include your Permanent Account Number (PAN), Application Number, and sometimes your Demat Account Number. Accurate information is crucial to receive the correct allotment status.

Verify Captcha Code:

As a security measure to prevent automated bots, you will need to enter a captcha code. Carefully verify the captcha code as displayed on the screen and proceed to the next step.

Check Allotment Status:

Once you have entered the required details and captcha code, click on the “Submit” or “Check Status” button. The website will then process your request and display the IPO allotment status. If you have been allotted shares, the status will show the number of shares allotted to you. In case of non-allotment, the message will state that no shares have been allotted.

Using Demat Account:

In India, investors can also check the IPO allotment status through their Demat account. Many Depository Participants (DPs) provide the facility to check allotment status directly through their online platforms. Log in to your Demat account and look for the IPO allotment section to find the status.

Check Through Stock Exchange:

Another way to check the IPO allotment status in India is through the official website of the stock exchange where the IPO is listed. Each stock exchange website maintains a separate section for IPO allotment status. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to access and check your status on the respective stock exchange’s website.

Checking IPO allotment status is an important step for investors in India, and the process can be easily completed through the Registrar’s website, Demat account, or the stock exchange’s website. Make sure to have your application details readily available and double-check the information entered to ensure accuracy. Promptly verifying the allotment status enables investors to plan their next steps and make informed decisions about their investment portfolio. As an investor, it is crucial to stay updated and vigilant during the IPO allotment process. Happy investing!