10 must know Labour laws in India for employees

10 must know Labour laws in India for employees. Today in post i am going to share with you 10 must know Labour laws in India for employe which will defnetly help you in you job carrer. these are the very basic laws which every employes must know lets see the 10 must know Labour laws in India for employ.

1. Minimum Wages Act

This act cover the minimum wages which you must get from your job. It is different for people in different states, categories, degisnation, thier skill level and the industry they are working for. You must atlest know your states minimum wage.

2. Payment Of Wages Act 1936

This act states that salary should be paid by 7th of every month by the employer. This act also covers all the deductiions made in your salary slip. company just canot make any deductions by themselfs.

3. Equal Remuneration Act 1976

This Act states that employers cannot descriminate between 2 people for a same potion of job with equal qualification on the basis of caste, gender, colour or any other basis.

4. Provident Fund Act 1952

This act governs the provident fund and the pension you get during retirment. their is a deduction limit of 12%of basic salary+ Da and employer will dedcut 12+1%

5. Employ State Insurance Act