Is moonlighting illegal?

in today’s post, we talk about the new buzzword of social media moonlighting. What is moonlighting and is it legal?

What is moonlighting?

Moonlighting is a practice usually prevalent in the Tech industries it is taking up extra jobs typically without your employer’s knowledge. It is also known as side employment other than your official employment. Many companies allow their employees to take up extra jobs but most companies do not allow moonlighting.

Why do people do moonlighting?

They can be various reasons for people to take up another job in today’s fast-growing world everything is getting expensive day by day. Hence, people are forced to take up another job to meet their daily needs in some cases people also take up another job to build up their resume or up-skill themselves, and in many cases, people have time after their office Hours. Hence, they take up this opportunity to make good use of their free time.

Is moonlighting legal in India?

If a person works for more than one job in India it is legal but moonlighting can be considered illegal or wrong if your employers contract states clearly that you cannot take up an extra job while your present job which is very common in India because almost all the company have this clause.

But it’s not illegal if it’s not mentioned or there is no such clause in your employment contract.

Also under the factories Act 1948 dual employment is prohibited in India

Is moonlighting ethical?

this is a debatable topic. many say it’s unethical while many agree that it is there is nothing wrong with moonlighting.

whereas the former director of Infosys does not consider moonlighting unethical. he says

Employment is a contract between an employer who pays for working for n number of hours a day. Now what i do after that time is my freedom, I can do what I want- mohandas Pai.