Is Mankading legal in cricket?

Is Mankading legal in cricket? Mankading, also known as running out the non-striker, is a controversial method of dismissal in cricket. The term “Mankading” comes from the name of the Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad, who dismissed an Australian batsman in this manner during a Test match in 1947.

In the laws of cricket, it is legal for the bowler to run out the non-striker if they leave their crease before the ball has been delivered. However, many people view this as unsportsmanlike and against the spirit of the game, particularly if the bowler gives no warning to the batsman before running them out.

In 2019, the International Cricket Council (ICC) clarified the rules on Mankading, stating that “the bowler is permitted, before releasing the ball and provided he has not completed his usual delivery swing, to attempt to run out the non-striker.” However, the ICC also stated that the bowler must give the batsman a warning before running them out, and that the umpire must be satisfied that the warning was given.

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), Mankading has been a controversial issue in recent years. In the 2019 IPL, Kings XI Punjab captain Ravichandran Ashwin ran out Rajasthan Royals batsman Jos Buttler in this manner, sparking a debate about whether it was within the spirit of the game. The incident led to calls for the IPL to clarify its rules on Mankading.

Overall, Mankading is a legal method of dismissal in cricket, but it is a controversial one that is often viewed as unsportsmanlike. It is up to the individual players and teams to decide whether they want to use it, and whether they view it as being within the spirit of the game.

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