Why are tomato prices rising in India

Unseasonal rains and flooding. Tomato crops are sensitive to waterlogging, and the recent rains and flooding in major tomato-producing states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka have damaged crops and disrupted harvesting.

Pest attacks. The sudden rise in temperatures during March and April led to pest attacks on tomato crops, resulting in lower yields.

Delayed monsoon. The monsoon arrived late in many parts of India this year, which delayed the planting of tomato crops.

Low production. The combination of these factors has led to lower tomato production this year, which has pushed up prices.

Increased demand. The demand for tomatoes is also rising, as they are a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine.

Export restrictions. The government has imposed export restrictions on tomatoes, which has limited the supply of tomatoes in the domestic market.

Black marketing. Some traders have been accused of hoarding tomatoes and creating artificial shortages, which has also driven up prices.