When Neetu Kapoor supported her husband Rishi Kapoor's extra affair

In an interview with a newspaper in 2003, Neetu Kapoor said that she was aware of her husband's extramarital affairs, but she did not mind because she knew that he would always come back to her.

She said that she felt that men should be given a certain amount of freedom because they are "flirtatious by nature."

She also said that she would only be concerned if Rishi Kapoor had a serious, long-term affair or got married again.

Her comments were met with mixed reactions, with some people supporting her stance and others criticizing her for being too tolerant of her husband's infidelity.

Some people argued that her comments were empowering for women, as they showed that she was not afraid to stand up for herself and her marriage.

Others argued that her comments were regressive, as they reinforced the stereotype that men are unable to control their sexual urges.

Ultimately, Neetu Kapoor's comments sparked a debate about infidelity and gender roles in Indian society.