What is Comic Con

Comic-Con is a popular annual convention held in various cities around the world, primarily focusing on comic books, science fiction, fantasy, and related popular culture.

The event brings together fans, creators, industry professionals, and celebrities, providing a platform for enthusiasts to engage in panels, workshops, autograph sessions, and exhibitions.

Comic-Con originated in 1970 in San Diego, California, and has since grown into one of the largest and most influential pop culture conventions globally.

The convention showcases a wide range of media and entertainment, including comic books, graphic novels, movies, television shows, video games, cosplay, collectibles, and merchandise.

Comic-Con hosts exclusive previews and announcements for upcoming projects, often featuring celebrity guests and providing a unique opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite artists, actors, and creators.

Attendees often dress up in elaborate costumes of their favorite characters, engaging in cosplay contests and creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

Comic-Con has expanded beyond its core focus on comic books to embrace various forms of popular culture, making it a significant event for fans and professionals in the entertainment industry.