Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

Logging workers: Workers involved in cutting down trees and processing timber are at risk of injury or death due to falling objects, heavy equipment, and other hazards.

Logging workers

Fishermen and fishing workers: These workers face dangers from harsh weather, accidents with equipment, and risks of drowning.

Fishermen and fishing workers

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers: Airplane pilots and flight engineers face high levels of risk due to equipment failure, inclement weather, and pilot error.

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

Roofers: Roofers are exposed to heights, dangerous machinery, and other risks that can lead to falls, electrocution, and other injuries.


Refuse and recyclable material collectors: These workers are at risk from traffic accidents, dangerous machinery, and exposure to hazardous materials.

Refuse and recyclable material collectors

Police and sheriff's patrol officers: Police officers and other law enforcement personnel face a high level of risk due to confrontations with dangerous individuals, exposure to gunfire, and other hazards.

Police and sheriff's patrol officers

Firefighters: Firefighters face significant risks due to the possibility of building collapses, explosions, and other dangers while fighting fires and responding to emergencies.


Construction laborers: Workers involved in construction are at risk from falls, electrocution, dangerous machinery, and other hazards.

Construction laborers

Farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers: Workers in the agriculture industry face risks from heavy machinery, exposure to pesticides and other chemicals, and dangerous animals.

Farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers

Electrical power-line installers and repairers: These workers are at risk of falls, electrocution, and other hazards while working on electrical power lines.

Electrical power-line installers and repairers