Is it legal to use VPN in India?

VPNs are commonly used in India to access blocked content and websites and to ensure online privacy and security.

Using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) is not illegal in India, but their use is subject to certain regulations and restrictions.

However, the Indian government has issued guidelines that prohibit the use of VPNs for illegal activities such as cyberstalking, online harassment, illegal downloading of copyrighted material, and the distribution of child pornography

The legality of VPN use in India has been a matter of debate in recent years, particularly after the government introduced new rules regarding internet use in the country

VPN providers in India are required to comply with certain regulations as well.

The exact punishment for using a VPN for illegal activities in India can vary depending on the specific offense and the severity of the crime.

In general, if a person is found to be using a VPN for illegal activities in India, they may face penalties such as fines, imprisonment, or both

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